1;5B!!! Les Agents Speciaux

iDoll is an interactive projection that explores our cult of icons and interactivity as a way to build our identity. It takes a form of an immersive installation using an antique and damaged Mary sculpture augmented with the ultimate face recognition technology. A kind of update to fix it, if we can say so.

Project by Filipe Vilas-Boas




As the object of our daily worship, the Internet has become our new Bible; new tablets have replaced the old. We live in an overconnected world where technology is sanctified, where personal growth happens horizontally more than vertically. We elevate ourselves and seek validation through our peers instead of our predecessors. Thanks to digital photography, selfies have become our modern daily icons. In this algorithmic and interactive self-worship, we build and shape our identities through the pictures we share.


Code: Kiss The Future

Production: Les Agentspéciaux

Video: ICE Prod

Music: Goulwen Courtaux

Gallery: Flaq Paris

Special thanks to Riccardo Angelini.



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